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# Image Title Airdate
01 1x01 Pilot January 18, 2010
Lux has spend the first 15 years of her life bouncing around numerous foster homes. Just before her 16th birthday, she decides to become emancipated. In order to do that, she needs the signatures of both of her birth parents, who gave her up as teenagers. When she finds her parents in Portland, her father is shocked to learn he has a daughter, and her mother is equally shocked that Lux was never adopted. The emancipation hearing does not go as expected, and Lux is placed in the temporary custody of her birth parents.
02 1x02 Home Inspected January 25, 2010
Lux is temporarily living with Cate and Ryan. Cate is worried about whether Child Protective Services will see her and Baze as good parents, and feels Baze is not trying very hard. After hearing Cate claim she has no daughter on her radio show, Lux asks to go back to foster care. Cate apologizes to Lux on the radio. Cate and Baze make it right again when they impress the CPS worker and she allows Lux to live with Cate permanently.
03 1x03 Rent Uncollected February 1, 2010
Cate reluctantly attends a dinner for Lux at Baze’s parents' house, and the situation is complicated when Cate’s family appears unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Cate worries for Lux’s safety at school and has her transferred to Westmonte High, where Cate and Baze graduated. When Baze's father threatens to take away the bar due to lack of paid rent, Lux uses her money, plus what she gets on her old lamp to pay her father's rent for the bar.
04 1x04 Bong Intercepted February 8, 2010
Cate tries to get Lux’s principal to drop her suspension, but only seems to cause her more problems. Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan hold a radio station event at a competing bar across the street from Baze.
05 1x05 Turtle Undefeated February 15, 2010
Lux volunteers to host a party at Baze's loft, hoping to become more accepted by the students at her new school. Cate sees that Lux and Baze have made an great connection and she worries that she will never have a similar relationship with Lux.
06 1x06 Truth Unrevealed February 22, 2010
Baze joins Ryan and Cate on "Morning Madness" because of pressure from the station management, but the show does not go as expected. Worried about her boyfriend, Lux asks the high school quarterback to not press charges against him.
07 1x07 Crisis Unaverted March 1, 2010
After learning that Tasha may have to move 3 hours away to a new foster home, Lux decides to help her find her mother who is still in Portland. Baze and Ryan compete in a radio station contest as Cate worries about whether she should tell Ryan the whole truth about sleeping with Baze.
08 1x08 Bride Unbridled March 8, 2010
Cate and Ryan must host a wedding expo, but things become even more awkward when Baze and Math show up to the same event. Meanwhile, Baze solicits help from Jones to cheer up a mopey Lux.
09 1x09 Formal Reformed March 15, 2010
Lux gets asked to the Winter Formal by Jones, but when Baze discovers a condom in Lux's room, he goes to the dance to interfere with any plans of sex that Jones may have. As she chaperones the dance, Cate's thoughts drift back to her high school formal, reminding her of the events that occurred the night Lux was conceived.
10 1x10 Family Therapized March 22, 2010
Lux's social worker meets with Cate and Baze after Bug and Lux are picked up by the police; Cate tries to find Bug a job at the radio station.
11 1x11 Storm Weathered March 29, 2010
While at a party, Lux sees Jones kiss another girl, which stirs complicated feelings inside her. Lux and Ryan bond when they are stranded at the radio station when a storm hits. Meanwhile, Cate gets stranded at Baze's bar when she goes there looking for Lux.
12 1x12 Father Unfigured April 5, 2010
As Cate's wedding approaches, she wants to find the father who abandoned her as a child, so Cate and Lux take a road trip to find him. Meanwhile, Bug's friends trash Baze's bar. In order to give Bug time to fix the damage before Baze finds it, Lux invites Baze on the roadtrip.
13 1x13 Love Unexpected April 12, 2010
Cate's quickly approaching wedding forces her to confront her feelings for Ryan and Baze; Lux makes a potentially life-changing revelation.