Sam Bradshaw
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Family members
Emma Bradshaw (mother)
Portrayed by
Landon Liboiron

Sam Bradshaw is the son of Emma Bradshaw, Baze's ex-girlfriend and boss. He'd been sent to severals boarding schools because neither his mother nor father wanted him and he also took drugs and got in trouble.

In Homecoming Crashed, Baze and Emma send Sam with Lux to the Homecoming dance at Westmonte. Sam finds weed, and as Lux takes the joint to put it out, she is caught by one of the teachers at the school. When Cate comes to pick them up, her and Lux get into an argument and Lux steals her car. Sam then witnesses Lux and Tasha hit Lux's abusive former foster parent over the head with a shovel, and all three of them flee. Sam later takes the blame for Lux, claiming he stole and crashed the car.

He blackmailed Lux with a picture she took with Mr. Daniels in exchange for a kiss. She kissed him, but he did not give the photo back. He also covered for Lux when she got in trouble, took the blame and had feelings for her.