Jones Mager (played by Austin Butler) is the star quarterback of the Westmonte High school's football team. He is first found dating one of the girls Lux was befriending.

Personality Edit

Jones was a good listener, and never judged Lux for her past. He was never mean, and one of the reasons why Lux had found an interest in him was because he treated her like a normal girl.

History Edit

In the beginning of Lux's reunion with Baze and Cate, Baze had favorited Jones over Bug, Lux's ex-boyfriend, who was a high school drop-out and occasionally mistreated Lux.

He likes Lux "from the minute" (Season 2 finale) she begins attending Westmonte High school, but they never had a real exclusive relationship. There was always a reason Lux had not dated Jones; mainly because she didn't feel that they were compatible, because everything about him "screams 'normal'" and secondly, because she was already entangled with Bug, and then Eric Daniels. Lux always had mixed emotions for Jones; she loved Bug and Eric before she got a chance to get to know him more. When Tasha and Jones started flirting more, it was as if Lux had forgotten about him, and focused more on Eric, one of her teachers at Westmonte.

Jones and Lux meet up, alone, to talk. Lux told Jones why she had never really given him a chance; he was "Abercrombie", and normal. Jones told her that "in high school, there is no such thing as normal" and that she is not alone or ever alone. (It is revealed that his mother has bipolar disorder, which has caused her to be hospitalized very frequently).

In the "two years later" of the series finale, Jones and Lux kiss after her big speech and are presumed to still be dating.