Grant Cassidy
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Family members
Cate Cassidy(daughter)
Abby Cassidy(daughter)
Lux Cassidy(grandaughter)
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Grant Cassidy is Cate's estranged father, whom she decides to track down after she and Ryan reconcile and make plans to elope. He reveals that he was in a situation similar to that of Cate and Baze, but instead of chosing adoption, he and Cate's mother tried in vain to stay together after they conceived Cate unexpectedly. This did not work out, and Grant was absent for the majority of her life, as he left Cate's mother four years after Abby was born.  He does meet Lux and he does get along well with his granddaughter, but again he shows his reluctance to be a father to Cate, when he doesn't accept her invitation to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. After he went back to his fishing (the important thing that had come up), a shattered Cate sobs in Baze's arms.