Lucia Walters as Fern

Fern Redmund is Lux's long time social worker and a family friend of Cate and Baze.

She first meets Lux during one of her times in Sunnyvale, having replaced her former case worker.  We first meet Fern in the first season episode Home Inspected when she talks with Cate and Baze about their suitability as foster parents.  She is impressed with their credentials, and she places Lux in their permanent joint custody.

In the episode, Family Therapized, she is instrumental in breaking through the lies that all three are telling, and that opens up the floodgates for Lux to share with Cate how hurt and angry that she was at her for not even bothering to check on her, all the while she was in foster care.

Fern is pleased with their breakthrough, and doesn't take custody away from Cate and Baze, and, in fact helps them to get their parental rights reinstated.  She tells them that in their case, that breakthrough shows that they have really become a true family.

It is revealed that Fern is also the case worker of Natasha Siviac, Lux's best friend.  Because of her involvement in Lux's life, Fern also becomes a close family friend. 

She was seen in the gallery when Lux reveals the pain she had endured at the hands of Trey Gilbert.  After Trey is arrested, she goes to Lux and tells her how sorry she was that she had to go through what she did.  Although Lux tells her it was all right, Fern tells her it wasn't right what she went through, but that she is glad that Lux was all right.  She then hugs her. 

In the final episode, she is seated next to Jamie and is proud that both Lux and Natasha are graduating from high school.