Emma Bradshaw
Season 2
Also Known As
Amy (by Candy)
Family members
Sam (son)
Portrayed by
Emma Caulfield
Emma was Baze's boss and love interest.

In Camp Grounded, Baze tells her he is going to take her camping and has her fill in as chaperone on Lux's school camping trip. Her and Baze spend a romantic moment together in the bus, but are interrupted by Cate. She spends the night in the same tent as Cate, becoming annoyed with her for talking about her problems. Emma talks to Lux about how she feels her relationship with Baze is wrong because she is her boss, but she needs to go for it anyway, convincing Lux that she should pursue a relationship with Eric.

Baze and Emma then begin to have a relationship, sneaking around at work and spending time together.

In Plumber Cracked, Baze finds out that she has a son named Sam.

In Homecoming Crashed, Baze and Emma send Sam with Lux to the Homecoming dance at Westmonte so they can try and land a client at a party. The client hits it off with Baze and Emma becomes jealous.