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Mrs Bazile
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Lux Cassidy (grandaughter)
Nate Bazile (son)
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Ellen Bazile is Baze's mother, and Lux's paternal grandmother.

Season 1Edit

She first appears in the episode Rent Uncollected. She seems excited to have a grandchild, as well as supportive of her son, despite her husband's abrasiveness. While it appears that Mr. Bazile dominates their relationship, she is not afraid to voice her negative opinion of Cate's radio talk show in front of their houseguests. She calls Cate's family to discuss what's best for Lux. This backfires when Laverne suggests Lux living with her, in which Ellen quickly objects. Cate counters by asking her if she met her son, implying she wasn't the best mother either. This is her only appearance in season 1. Lux appears to inherit her blonde hair from her, which she immediately takes note of upon meeting her. Ellen takes to Lux instantly, opening her heart to her new granddaughter, and Lux responds in kind by accepting Ellen outright.

Though she is not seen anymore in season one, Cate mentions that she would've liked her(amongst Abby and her dad) to be there for her when she was pregnant.

Season 2Edit

Ellen makes a reappearance during thanksgiving in the episode Thanks Ungiven. She does not seem to mind Baze's relationship with Emma, unlike her husband. She also appears to be at a point where she is accepting of Cate's family, being friendly with them during her visit. When Baze and Jack's argument errupts, she leaves with her husband, confused at what's going on. In the season finale, Affair Remembered Ellen calls Baze in hopes of using his bar to throw a 60th birthday party for Jack. She is unaware of the affair he had. Baze plans on telling her, but changes his mind when he realizes how happy he is. Ellen thanks Baze for a wonderful party. She is later seen at Lux's graduation two years later sitting with her husband. From this, it can be assumed that she was never told of Jack's affair. It is also assumed that she and Lux have an excellent grandmother/granddaughter relationship.