Erin Karpluk as Alice

Alice Rogers (maiden name and first married name is never revealed) is the best friend of Cate Cassidy and the producer of the morning drive time show she works on with her fiance, and later husband, Ryan Thomas.  Her appearances are very minor, and she is seen in the final episode, when she divorces her current husband, and returns to Portland, to regain her job as Cate and Ryan's producer. 

Two years later, at Lux's graduation, it is revealed that she is married to Math and is expecting their first child.  She becomes a part of Lux's life, due to Math's having been in her life, and due to the fact that Cate is her best friend. Alice, along with Lux's parents, Math, Jamie and her friends Tasha and Jones are in the picture that Ryan's girlfriend, Julia, takes in the final scene.